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Experience  our popular Flying Fox heli Hike with up to 3 hours on the ice or our ultimate Extreme Fox All Day Heli Hike with up to 7 hours on the ice.

Ice Climbing

Challenge yourself with this full day experience

Combine elevated alpine beauty with the sport of ice climbing.

No experience is required. All you need to enjoy your time on the glacier is warm clothing, sun protection, snacks to keep you energised, and a sense for adventure! We’ll provide you with the necessary outerwear, boots, and technical equipment. Our highly experienced guides will guide you over vertical climbs and overhanging ice walls and pinnacles.

Take a helicopter ride from our base, landing on a remote and exceptionally beautiful part of the glacier. After an unforgettable experience on the ice, take a second scenic helicopter ride back to our base in the heart of the Fox Glacier Township.

Ice Climbing

Fox it up Heli Ice Climbing

Challenge yourself with this full day experience that introduces the adventurous to the exhilarating sport of ice climbing, on the spectacular ice walls in the upper part of the Fox Glacier. Your professional guide will tailor the day to offer variety and challenge to the novice and expert alike.

  • From $899pp
  • Up to 8 hours
  • Up to 7 hours ice time
  • Heli in & out
  • 13 years min. age