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Experience  our popular Flying Fox heli Hike with up to 3 hours on the ice or our ultimate Extreme Fox All Day Heli Hike with up to 7 hours on the ice.

Fox It Up Heli Ice Climbing

Fox It Up Heli Ice Climbing

This all day ice climbing experience is a must for the adventurous.

Before heading to the ice we’ll equip you with specialised mountaineering boots, crampons, ice axes and technical gear. Then it’s off on a thrilling helicopter flight to your ice climbing location on Fox Glacier’s higher reaches. Enjoying the breathtaking (and close up!) views of the glacier from the air, as well as the opportunity to climb amongst dramatic terrain not easily accessed by foot.

On this trip the guide to customer ratio is 1:4maximum, which ensures that you receive personal ice climbing instruction. Ice climbing guides receive specific training to ensure they teach skills in the correct order so you advance quickly. There are many steep walls to challenge you and you will quickly master basic cramponing and ice axe techniques. The adrenaline will start to flow as you challenge yourself with longer and steeper pitches. Using ice tools and the front points of your crampons, you climb vertical and at times, overhanging ice walls and pinnacles, always secured by a top rope attached to your harness.

Don’t worry if you are new to ice climbing, our professional guide will tailor the day to offer variety and challenge to newcomers and experts alike. Then to top it all off, climb aboard for another thrilling helicopter flight back to Fox Glacier township. This adventure will be an experience you’ll never forget and may just inspire you to spend time in the mountains

Tour Details




No experience required

Tour Times

Check-in 20 minutes before

$899 per adult

Price valid to 30 September 2024


We recommend you book in advance so you don’t miss out on this amazing experience. You can easily book with us online, or contact us via phone or email.

We suggest booking for your first day in Fox Glacier, as our experiences are weather dependent.

Check-in time is 20 minutes before departure.

No previous experience is necessary for our trips, our guides are there for full instruction.

Moderate fitness for this trip is a level of fitness sufficient to ascend and descend 500-800m over 4-6 hours carrying a light pack 10kg (22lb).

Good fitness for this trip is a level of fitness sufficient to ascend and descend 1000m+ over 8 hours or more carrying a pack 12kg (26lb) or more over multiple days.

Yes, all trips require 3 people to go ahead (with the exception of the Mt Fox Day Hike which requires 2 people). If you have less than 3 people in your group, we will do our best to put you on a trip with other people.

For this trip, you need to bring any essential medication, 3-4 layers of warm upper body clothing, sunglasses and sun protection, a drink and snacks, and a camera. No drones are allowed and jeans are not recommended.

As the weather in this alpine environment can change quickly, on rare occasions, we are unable to have helicopter access to the ice when a group is already on the ice.

In times when this happens, we will endeavour to find a break in the weather that is safe to allow helicopter access, however, should this not be possible we have emergency supplies stored on the glacier for this scenario. We have tents, sleeping bags, roll mats and food etc that can be accessed in case they are needed. All our guides are trained in setting up a camp site on the glacier for the night if required.

It is essential that you bring with you any medication that you may need for an overnight duration when you join our trips in case your time on the ice is extended.

Both the Extreme Fox All Day Heli Hike and Ice Climbing Trips require customers to have a very good level of English in order to participate. 

This experience uses technical equipment to travel on raw glacier terrain. As you are out all day learning to use this equipment and navigating natural features it is mandatory that you can communicate, comprehend, and follow instructions to a very high level. This is for everyone’s safety and presently instruction is only given in English.

If you book this experience and the guide on the day deems your English is not good enough, he/she will not allow you to join, and other options will be given to you.

On this trip, we provide leather boots, socks, crampons, walking poles, a waterproof jacket, overtrousers, a backpack and a great day on the ice!

We’re located in a mountainous area and are subject to great variations in weather patterns. The temperature can vary between 0-25°C and the West Coast is notorious for its wild and wet weather – hence its magnificent rainforests!

Weather and cloud levels can change within a matter of minutes. This is why our weather checks are not made until 10 minutes before your departure time.

There is an individual passenger weight restriction of 116kg/256 pounds on all our experiences that utlise helicopters. Please contact us on or 0800 111 600 (within New Zealand) if you would like to join a trip and are over this weight limit.

There is a 3 kg or 6.6 lbs limit per passenger for carry-on baggage. By travelling light, the easier the day is for you, and your body and it is good for the planet as lighter helicopter loads use less fuel. Please take only what is necessary for your glacier trip.- Camera, snack, water bottle & an extra layer of clothing.

No. Please leave your drone behind. It is illegal to fly a drone in Fox Glacier as it is within a National Park.

If you fly a drone, it will be confiscated and you will be fined $5,000. For rules on flying drones in New Zealand, please reference

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you would like to cancel your booking kindly notify us at least 24 hours prior to the departure time of the trip and we will arrange for a full refund and no cancellation fee will be charged.100% of the cost of the trip will be charged if we are notified of a cancellation within 24 hours the departure of the trip.

Please find more questions and answers on our FAQ Page.

What to bring

→ Any Essential Medication (in case your trip is extended)

→ 3 – 4 layers of warm upper body clothing

→ Sunglasses and sun protection

→ A drink and snacks are useful

→ A packed lunch

→ A Camera

→ NO Drones

→ Jeans are not recommended

What we provide

⊕ Climbing Boots

⊕ All technical & safety equipment

⊕ Waterproof Jacket

⊕ Overtrousers

⊕ Hats & gloves

⊕ Backpack

⊕ A great day on the ice!